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  DVD+RW Drive
Get a big step ahead of everybody. to be the leading  Standard of Rewritable DVD.
Introducing the Super Combination Drive, DVD+RW and CD-RW in one drive, that has excellent compatibility and provides comfortable operation.
MP5120A photo
Large capacity of 4.7GB.
Excellent compatibility; data can be read on existing DVD-players and DVD-ROM drives.
Fast write speed of 2.4x, equivalent to 22x on CD drives.
High-speed formatting supported by the Back-ground Formatting function.
As functioned as CD-RW drive, offers 12x for CD-R write, 10x for CD-RW rewrite, and 32x for CD-ROM/R/RW read.
Equipped with 'JustLink' to prevent buffer underrun errors for CD-R/RW write.
Stable and reliable performance provided by its dust-proof design and fan-less structure.
Wide variety of bundled software for higher performance.
*Some models of DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players may not read DVD+RW discs.
DVD+RW 2.4x 8x    CD-R/RW 12x 10x 32x
Ricoh's DVD+RW Drive 'MP5120A' has the advantages of high compatibility and high speed over other DVD standard drives. It also provides easy and comfortable operation, and this  drive alone can do various tasks.
"CDs do not have enough capacity to get a back-up copy of hard disk"
  A DVD+RW disc holds 4.7GB of data, and suitable for back-up copies. Media will not be wasted as data can be added and edited.
"Need media to store moving data downloaded from the Internet"
  The volume of moving data is much larger than text/sound file, and it was not easy to figure out alternative means to store the data. MP5120A provides write speed of 2.4x (equivalent to 20x on CD drives), and is well capable of storing large amount of data.
"Want to exchange large-volume data"
  It was such a time and money consuming work just to write on separate discs when the data volume was large. MP5120A can write large volume of data on DVD+RW media with high speed.
"Want to get a back-up of contents on VCR tapes to DVD-Video"
  MP5120A allows direct recording from VCRs and digital video cameras to DVD+RW media (Direct-to-DVD function). Transferring the contents on VCR tapes to DVD+RW media can be done efficiently. Recorded contents on DVD+RW media can be played on existing DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.
"Want to organize TV programs saved on a hard disk"
  TV programs stored on hard disk from built-in TV tuner occupy great deal of space in the disk. Storing the data on DVD+RW media will save space in the hard disk and secure the recorded TV programs as back-up.
"Want to make my original DVD-Video by editing contents from digital video cameras"
  MP5120A comes with 'MyDVD,' DVD-Video authoring software, that has MPEG2 encoding function. You can make your own DVD-Video that can be played back on existing DVD-Video players.

MP5120A Specifications

Supported Media *1 DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW, High Speed CD-RW
Write Format (DVD+RW) DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Random Access Write
CD Extra, CD-I *3, Mixed-ModeCD, VideoCD, PhotoCD, CD TEXT, Bootable CD
Write Speed (DVD+RW) 2.4x
(CD-R) 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x
(CD-RW) 2x, 4x, 10x *2
Read Support DVD-ROM & DVD-Video (single & dual layers)
CD-ROM XA Mode2 (form 1, form 2)
Photo CD (single & multiple sessions)
Read Speed (DVD-ROM/DVD+RW) Max. 8x
(CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW) Max. 32x
Access Time
(Random Average)
140 Msec (8x)
120 Msec (32x)
Mounting Orientation Horizontal or vertical
Interface ATAPI
IDE Data Transfer Mode Max. 33MB/sec. (Ultra DMA Mode2)
Buffer Memory 2 MBytes
Power Requirement DC +5V/+12V
Power Consumption 16W
Weight Less than 1.2 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 145.6 X 196.4 X 41.6mm
(including the front panel)

8cm singleCDs cannot be written, but can be read or played back using this drive.
* 1 : This drive cannot record on DVD-R media, DVD-RW media, and DVD-RAM media.
* 2 : 10x speed CD-RW writing requires High Speed CD-RW media.
* 3 : Bundled software does not support this feature.


System Requirements
Hardware IBM PC/AT Compatible
Free half-height bay and space for 12V/5V power connector required.
(Need the slot, which is equal to about 42mm to be built in to a PC.)
Interface 1 free IDE interface connector (Primary slave, Secondary Master or Secondary slave)
For DVD+RW writing.
OS *1 Windows95(OSR2.0 or later)/98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/
WindowsNT Workstation4.0(Service Pack 5 or later)
CPU Pentium2 400MHz processor or faster
(Pentium3 800MHz processor or faster recommended ) *2
RAM Minimum 128MB(Over 256MB recommended)
HDD Over 750MB free disk space (Over 5GB recommended )
*1 : Windows95/98/WindowsNT Workstation 4.0 do not support MyDVD. (98SE supported)
*2 : Pentium4.1.4GHz processor or faster is recommended when Direct-to-DVD function is used. Harware for the capture such as a video capture board is necessary.
For CD-R/RW writing.
OS Windows95(OSR2.0 or later)/98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/
WindowsNT Workstation4.0(Service Pack 5 or later)
CPU Pentium 166MHz processor or faster (When JustLink is used)
RAM Minimum 64MB
HDD Over 100MB free disk space
(When using On-the-fly writing and JustLink)
For DVD-Video playing back.
OS Windows95(OSR2.0 or later)/98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/
WindowsNT Workstation4.0(Service Pack 5 or later)
CPU Pentium2 350MHz processor or faster
(With Motion Compensation function in the VGA Chip, Pentium2 300MHz processor or faster)
RAM Minimum 64MB
Bundled Software

MyDVD™ [Authoring Software for DVD-Video]

It makes it easy and fast to transfer contents from AV appliances and to create your won DVD-Video with a PC.
Features 'Direct-to-DVD*' that allows direct recording from AV appliances to DVD+RW media.
Enjoy making your own DVD menu title with quality and easy-to-use user-interface support.
This software alone can handle jobs from capturing video clips to MPEG2 encoding and writing.
Allows to choose a mode to record the actual data only (and exclude dummy data) that enables fast production of DVD-Video even with data smaller than 1GB.
This software is to be upgraded to supportt DVD+RW video recording format: it will provide adding/editing capability for DVD-Video and compatibility with existing DVD-Video players. Details on the upgrading will be available on RICOH web site.


B's Recorder GOLD™ [Mastering software for DVD/CD]

B's Recorder GOLD
It helps create DVD-ROM/CD-ROM. Discs will keep excellent compatibility and it is suitable for the use of backup and distribution of data.
Writing operation with the DVD-drive are the same as CD-R/RW.
Writing on DVD-ROM is done in highly compatible format, and most Operating Systems that are available now, including Windows98, can read the data.
Allows free adding of data and keeps compatibility.
Allows to choose a mode to record the actual data only (and exclude dummy data) that enables fast production of DVD-ROM even with data smaller than 1GB.


B's CLiP™ [Random Access Write Software for DVD/CD]

B's CLip
Great supporter for PC data backup. It provides high-speed writing by Back-Ground Formatting function.
Able to do the writing by simply specifying file/folder in drag & drop manner, for both DVD and CD.
It only takes a little over a minute to format a disc and allows an instant writing.
It writes on UDF1.5, providing excellent compatibility.
*This software does not support CD-R.

WinDVD™ [DVD-Video Playing Software for PC]

Leading software that enables DVD-Video viewing on PC. You will enjoy those advanced features only possible on PC.
Thumbnail bookmarks help you find your favorite scenes instantly.
Fully adjustable zoom and pan.
Time stretching feature enables playback at ranges from half-speed to double-speed while maintaining natural audio quality.

Movie Clips Collection

Enjoy the collection of movie clips. They are to be used as try-out samples.

Applicable OS for Each Software
MyDVD B's Recorder GOLD B'sCLiP WinDVD
Windows95(OSR2.0 or later) No Yes Yes Yes
Windows98/98SE No / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes
WindowsMe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
WindowsNT4(SP5) No Yes Yes Yes
WindowsXP Yes Yes* Yes* Yes
*This software is to be upgraded to support WindowsXP after the OS is available in the market.
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