DVR-A04 DVD-R/RW Writer


One drive...
One complete recording solution

DVR-A04 Carton

Writes:  DVD-R*2, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW
4X and 8X CD-R

1X and 2X DVD-R (General Use Media)


Reads:  DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-TEXT, Photo CD, Audio CD

Supports "Buffer Under Run" protection

Disc-at-once and incremental write


Supports 9.4G Double Sided DVD-R Media
Pioneer further improves the combination drive
Following on from the DVR-A03 Pioneer now offers the further improved DVR-A04. It provides wider compatibility, higher speeds, lower noise and UDMA33 support. Plus, it can be mounted vertically and its depth has been shortened.
Buffer under-run protection for both CD and DVD recording
The DVR-A04 prevents buffer underruns for both DVD and CD media through the use of a unique Loss-less Linking scheme. This saves both time and money by eliminating the most likely cause of a disc write failure and hence wasted discs.
Pioneer's renowned reliability
Pioneer DVD drives have won an excellent reputation for long-term reliability. The DVR-A04 is a fourth generation model, and takes advantage of all the technological developments that have gone into our professional DVD products.


DVR-A04P Standard Kit: $960 incl. GST
1 x DVD-R Media
1 x DVD-RW Media
SONIC MyDVD Authoring Software
RecordNow DX DVD/CD Writing Software
DLA with StorageGuard
Cyberlink PowerDVD XP V4.0
Blockbuster 5xDVD Movie Rental Voucher


  • Veritas RecordNow DX and DLA
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD XP 4.0
  • Documents, Manuals and Install Guides

RecordNow DX is a full featured premastering application for recording and archiving electronic data to CD or DVD media. RecordNow DX also includes audio mastering tools for creating personalized audio CD’s. RecordNow DX can record to any of the four recordable disc formats supported by the DVR-A04 drive: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW.

Drive Letter Access (DLA) is a packet writing utility that works behind the scenes to allow you to quickly and easily create data discs. Using DLA, you can read and write files directly to your CD or DVD disc like you would to a floppy diskette or removable drive.
Some of the Drive Letter Access features include:
· Drag and Drop: Allows you to save files and folders to your recorder drive using My Computer or Windows Explorer.
· Send To: Uses the Send To command to save files and folders.
· Save As: Uses the Save As command in most software applications to save active files.
· Formatting: Lets you customize the formatting of your discs.

PowerDVD XP is the latest evolution of CyberLink’s DVD and multimedia software player offering maximum video and audio playback entertainment on a PC. PowerDVD offers numerous customizable video and audio controls that deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. With numerous program and navigation controls, PowerDVD also lets users control the level of entertainment and personal interactivity they wish to experience with various electronic media formats.

Sonic MyDVD is a simple and powerful DVD-Video recording and editing application which offers a fast and easy way for anyone to share their treasured video memories with friends and family – from wedding videos to birthday parties and family vacations. MyDVD allows you to capture your video directly to a DVD or VCD, just like recording on a VCR. MyDVD also allows you to capture video and audio clips to your hard disk and then create professional looking DVD titles, complete with menus, in only minutes. DVD’s created with MyDVD can also be edited without the need to go back and use the original files on your hard disk drive. You can burn a disc and add additional content at a later point in time simply using the DVD or VCD disc.
• ‘Drag-and-drop ’ authoring makes creating DVD titles simple.
• Create interactive menus with graphics and special effects.
• Instantly link menus and videos with intuitive, ‘Drag-and-drop ’ interface.
• Add ‘buttons ’ and ‘title text ’ - directly on screen.
• Records directly to DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW.
• Preview your titles as you create them, in real time, using the integrated remote control.

Great for Beginners and Advanced Users
Whether you're new to video editing or someone who already uses video editing software but wants a more flexible, easier-to-use tool that offers more creative options, ShowBiz is right for you.
Beginners love the straight-forward interface, built-in "Basics" cheat sheet, and drag and drop functionality. Advanced users love the dual-mode editing area, real-time rendering, multiple audio tracks, and the huge library of effects, templates and titling options.
Creativity Included
Artistic templates for special events such as birthdays, graduations, vacations and holidays give your movies a fun 'look'. Professional style video templates such as movie countdown, film leader and "the end", give your movies that "Hollywood touch".
Realistic TV and Movie Effects
By simply dragging special effects onto the Timeline, you can turn your ordinary footage into an amazing music video or Hollywood style production. It's so cool…your friends and family will wonder how you did it. Over 20 Filters and TV effects are included (flames, neon, rain drops, film grain, shake, multiply, horizontal hold, wide-screen and letterbox.)
Play It on a DVD Player
With DVD Authoring software installed such as MyDVD or DVDiT anyone can produce a DVD for playback in Computer or Set Top DVD players.


DVR-A04FW Video Kit: $1190 incl. GST
All Standard Kit items above PLUS
IEEE1394 Firewire PCI Card
Sonic DVDit! PE Authoring Software


EEE1394 PCI Firewire Card
Capture video and audio from your Digital video camera.

Makes transferring digital video from your DV camcorder to your PC fast and easy. Edit your footage into exciting movies adding your own personal touch. Then use SONIC DVDit! to author your video into an interactive DVD. Includes 1.8Meter Firewire cable.
(Requires a DVD Camcorder with inbuilt Firewire/1394/i.LINK connector)





The above inclusions are for the Australian market.

The Next Revolution of Publishing is Here

DVDit! Makes it possible to deliver video, audio, images, and text all on a single interactive medium!
• ‘Drag-and-drop ’ authoring makes creating DVD titles simple.
• Create interactive menus with graphics and special effects.
• Instantly link menus and videos with intuitive, ‘Drag-and-drop ’ interface.
• Add ‘buttons ’ and ‘title text ’ - directly on screen.
• Records directly to DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW.
• Preview your titles as you create them, in real time, using the integrated remote control.

  • Unlimited menus.
  • RealTime Transcoding! (not available in MyDVD) Now complete projects 60 times faster with FastFile™ transcoding. Converts your imported avi files into DVD compliant MPEG2 streams.
  • Improved Menu quality. Menus look even clearer on your TV or PC screen.

DVDit! allows you to create professional quality DVDs on your PC using your existing avi files and MPEG files, and digital stills. DVDit! PE Retail Value alone over A$2000

DVR-A04PRO Professional Kit: $1650 incl GST
All Standard Kit items above PLUS
    Professional Authoring Software

 Version 2.5

Sonic ReelDVD is designed specifically for independent and corporate video projects and brings exciting multimedia DVD to your professional productions. Built upon the same tried-and-tested DVD formatting technology from Scenarist, Sonic's Hollywood-standard authoring system on Windows, ReelDVD combines the strength of professional-level software with a friendly user interface and simple workflow, making the process of creating professional-quality DVDs quick and easy.

  • Graphical DVD-Video authoring with integrated timeline
  • Drag-and-drop authoring and navigation programming
  • Graphical editing of menus and interactivity content
  • Motion menu support
  • Automated video loopingDVD-Video Specification Support
  • 999 movies, stills, slideshows and stillshows
  • Three audio tracks
  • 16:9 aspect ratio support
  • Next, Previous, and Return link programming
  • Menu button command programming
  • Chapter point programming
  • NTSC: 29.97, PAL
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-1,DVD-compliant bit streams
  • Requires Windows 2000 or XP


      ReelDVD Retail Value alone over A$2000

DVR-A04 Specifications
Write Support

DVD-R 1X (1.385MB/s) and 2X (2.77MB/s) CLV
DVD-RW 1X (1.385MB/s) CLV
CD-R 4X (0.6MB/s) and 8X (1.2MB/s) CLV
CD-RW 4X (0.6MB/s) CLV
(*1)  High Speed CD-RW is supported., but writing speed is 4X only.

Read Support DVD-ROM & DVD-Video (single & dual layers)
CD-ROM XA Mode2 (form 1, form 2)
Photo CD (single & multiple sessions)
Read Speed DVD-ROM (Single)       Max. 6X-CAV (8.31MB/s)
DVD-ROM (Dual) 2X-CLV (2.77MB/s)
DVD-R, DVD-RW 2X-CLV (2.77 MB/s)
CD-ROM Max. 24X-CAV (3.6MB/s)
CD-R, CD-RW Max. 24X-CAV (3.6MB/s)
CD-Audio Max. 10X-CAV (1.5MB/s)
Video-CD 4X-CLV (0.60MB/s)
Access Time
(Random Average)
200 Msec
180 Msec
*When DVD-ROM Single Layer Disc and CD-ROM Mode1 Disc are used
Recording Method Disc-at-once and incremental write
Mounting Orientation Horizontal only
Interface ATAPI (ATA/ATAPI-5, MMC3 & SFFC INF8090 Ver.5)
IDE Data Transfer Mode PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode2
Buffer Memory 2 MBytes (Write) 512KBytes (Read)
Audio Out Head Phones Output
Head Phone Volume
Dimensions (W x H x D) 148 mm x 42.3 mm x 197.7 mm
“Microsoft® Windows® Logo Program” Certified .

* DVD-R For Authoring media (3.95GB or 4.7GB) writing is not supported.
* DVD-RAM writing and reading are not supported.
* High-Speed CD-RW writing is not supported.
* Write speed would be affected by writing system performance.
* 4.7GB=4.7 billion bytes. (1billion bytes = 1,000,000,000 bytes)

... Brochure - Acrobat pdf file. size: 70KB
Download by right clicking on the icon and select Save Target As...
You must have the
Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded onto your system to read this file.

* Writing software is required for recording on each disc with each format.
* Video material must be recorded in a DVD-Video compliant format to playback on a DVD playback device.
* Copyrighted material with copy protection cannot be duplicated.
* Decoders are required to play compressed MPEG images.
* Please be sure that you are abiding by copyright law upon using DVD-R/RW.
* Photo CD is a registered trademark of Eastman Kodak Company.
* To record MPEG videos, a video capture card and hardware or software MPEG encoder device are required.
* To playback DVD-Video, a DVD compliant MPEG2 hardware and/or software decoder is required.
* The product’s specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
* Pioneer and its resellers assume no liability for any loss of data when this product is being used.
Safety Precaution: Please read the enclosed instruction manual for safe operation of the product.

These kit versions are exclusive to Australia only.
The DVR-A04 Bundled software and items vary depending on the Country they are sold in.

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