*** The manufacturer of this DVD player has significantly changed the electronics of the player from the version described below. While the current version of the player looks essentially the same, the rear panel layout is different and the player firmware cannot currently be made VCR Friendly (i.e. Macrovision cannot be suppressed). As a result we no longer offer this player for sale. However the new player revision remains good value as an inexpensive (and as far as we know) region free basic DVD player. ***



Magnavox MDVD-100 DVD Player

While the front and rear panels of the player may seem a bit lacking in features, in use this player has capabilities absent from many more expensive players.

This unit plays DVDs, audio CDs, Video CDs, Super VCDs and MP3 CDs. It accepts all the supported CD formats on CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as on commercially pressed CDs.

This player is labelled as being a Region 4 (Australia / New Zealand) player, but we supply it as capable of playing discs from all regions, and it's also capable of converting the NTSC TV signal format (used in the USA and elsewhere) to the Australian PAL format, and vice versa.

Macrovision is a video signal encoding included on DVDs, and some commercially produced video tapes. It is designed to destabilise video recorder tracking mechanisms when a macrovision encoded signal is fed into a VCR for recording. Unfortunately, in very high quality Audio-Visual systems it's possible to see visible artifacts of macrovision in the viewed image. ***The following statement is no longer the case... At this time we supply the Magnvox MDVD-100 as VCR Friendly (Macrovision disabled) which means that you can connect the DVD player to a VCR, and optionally record your DVDs to tape (subject to copyright).

A set of A/V cables, manual, remote control and batteries for the remote control are also supplied.

A one year (3 months, in commercial applications) return to base warranty applies.

Front panel with Power switch on the left; disc drawer, power LED and status display in the centre; Open/Close, Stop, Pause, Reverse Scan, Forward Scan, Play, Menu, Return, Previous and Next buttons on the right.

The remote control lets you access the full features of the player

Rear of the player showing the composite video output (yellow), S-video output (round black), the normal stereo (and Dolby surround compatible) audio outputs (red and white), coaxial digital (Dolby 5.1 and DTS) output (orange), and European style SCART A/V connector.

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